My fascination for all things Nuclear started at a young age. Having visited the Chernobyl site in late 2018, I decided I wanted to set up some radiation monitoring at home!

The UK average background radiation dose (for June 2020) from the UK's Radioactive Incident Monitoring Network (RIMNet) is 0.11 uSv/hr

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On the 'Ellastone Monitor' page, you can see the live values from my geiger counter set up in Ellastone and compare them to the UK government value

I built the detector from an American kit. It is essentially a HV generator connected to a Geiger Muller tube.

Each time a Gamma ray hits the geiger Muller tube, the high voltage is disrupted and the circitry counts the number of times it detects a Gamma ray. This is then converted into an equivalent dose based on the number of Gamma rays detected in 10 minute blocks.

See the live dose rate here